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YouTube has flagged my video with your music. What do I do?

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018 02:28PM EDT
Because we don't create the songs ourselves (we buy them from other composers), other parties may have copyright on the material. In some cases, they (wrongfully) choose to enforce that on YouTube.

If your video is flagged by YouTube as matching a third party claim you will need to dispute the claim through the YouTube dispute process, you will not receive a copyright strike on content ID claims. However, if you dispute the claim without a valid reason the content owner can choose to have the video taken down, if this happens then the account will receive a copyright strike.

When going through the YouTube dispute process be sure to include a copy of your Royalty Free Licensing Agreement that is provided by AudioBlocks.

*If you have a Premium Subscription and have already disputed the claim through YouTube and are still experiencing difficulty please contact us and provide the following information: 

1. The AudioBlocks page URL for the specific download or the filename as it appears on our site. 

2. The YouTube link of your video that has received the claim. This is very important - without a link to a specific video (or videos) we cannot move forward in getting the claim released! 

3. The name of the claimant on your video - this is so we know which company to contact directly to get the claim released. You can find the claimant by logging into your YouTube account, clicking on Video Manager, clicking the "Matched third party content" link next to your video, and looking for the company name under the Claimant heading.

Once your message has been received by support, we will contact you directly when we are updated on the status of your claim. 

The level of support outlined above is only available to our Premium members. If you would like to learn more about our Premium Subscription, please click here or contact support. 

To learn more about why YouTube claims occur, please click here

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