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YouTube has flagged my video with your music. What do I do?

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2019 10:11AM EDT
Because we don't create the songs ourselves (we buy them from other composers), other parties may have copyright on the material. In some cases, they (wrongfully) choose to enforce that on YouTube.

YouTube claims can definitely be frustrating, but we're making it as painless as possible for our active users with a new YouTube claim release form in your account! To get a YouTube claim released, simply fill out the form in your account to email the claimant directly. 

Once in your Dashboard, on the left hand side there's a heading called, "My Account." The second to last category is labeled, "YouTube Claims." Click on that and you will be directed to our YouTube claim form. At the top of that page, click on the yellow, "Start a new Dispute," button. 

Three things are needed in order to submit the form: the name of the claimant (chose from the drop-down menu), the link to your YouTube video being claimed, and the specific link to the Storyblocks Audio track that is being claimed. You cannot submit the claim dispute without those three things. 

After all three are entered into the form click, "Submit claim dispute." This will then send the email to the claimant to start the process for the removal. This form is good for about 95% of claimants, but there are some that require special instructions. After submitting your request, a customer service agent will send you an email with further instructions if your claimant was not listed. 

If you do not have an active Storyblocks Audio account, you will need to dispute the claim through the YouTube.

To learn more about why YouTube claims occur, please click here

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